Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A spoonerism is an error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched (see metathesis). It is named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner (1844–1930), Warden of New College, Oxford, who was notoriously prone to this tendency. (Taken from wikipedia)

I have loved spoonerisms for a very, very long time.  It's where you switch the first letters or vowels of words to come up with different words.  Here are a few of mon favorits!

Funk Passion=Punk Fashion
The lord is a shoving leopard (loving shepherd, from William Spooner himself!)
Crooks and Nannies=Nooks and Crannies
Shaking a tower=Taking a Shower (one of my favorites :-D)

See what kinds of spoonerisms you can come up with!  I will update this list from time to time :)

Tat-complishments! Accomplishtoos? Whatever...

As previously stated, I got my swallow tattoos, a traditional sailor tattoo.  Each swallow represents 5,000 nautical miles of sea travel (two is the maximum).  Once a sailor gives up the sea life forever, many of them add ropes in the swallows' beaks, attached to the one thing they missed the most while they were at sea.  Since I plan to be at sea for at least a little while longer, I haven't completed the tattoo, but I plan to!
Anyway, I ran into my drunk friend at a party the other night, and he told me about another of his friends who had hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and, to commemorate the accomplishment, got a tattoo of a map of the trail done on the bottom of their foot.
Now, I don't think a tattoo on the bottom of the foot is necessarily the best idea, because it would fade very quickly, but I just liked the idea of it.
Sometime between that meeting with my friend and this moment, I had a random thought.
Swallows for sea travel and a map of the Appalachian Trail for the journey?  These are trophy tattoos!  They're like a certificate saying "yeah, I totally did this and I'll never regret it."
Are there more like this?

I was quickly able to find other accomplishment tattoos... for sailors, though.  A Golden Dragon for crossing the international date line, an anchor for crossing the Atlantic, etc.  What about everyone else?  Tattoos are a very sailorish thing, but I know that many non-sailors get tattoos.
So I decided I'm going to try to create a list of ideas for accomplishment tattoos--please feel free to help me out!  If you or someone you know has their own "accomplishment tattoo," let me know about it, or if you just have an idea, leave it here in a comment!
Things like saving a life, living through a natural disaster, beating a very bad illness, going into space, climbing a ridiculous mountain, etc.  Anything!  The smallest accomplishments to the largest one.
Oh, just so I don't leave you hanging, here you go:

One is holding a gear, and one is holding a cog, symbolizing that I spent a lot of time as both a deck hand AND as an engineer (still am!).  Since this is a very popular traditional tattoo, I decided to give it that personal twist.
Anywho, I'll write again soon!  See ya!

About my blog!

Hello!  You may notice while reading this blog that it has running themes.  These themes may be, but are not limited to:
-Military (can't say TOO much, though)
-Hilarious fails (a constant thing for me)
-Whatever comes into my head.

You see, I'm pretty sure that I am accidentally leading a life that is much more interesting than I had anticipated... but that might just be life in general.  For example, I've been flown to Los Angeles on multiple occasions because I was in the right place at the right time and I can kind of write music.  I've been flown to Italy for the same reason.  I've sailed tens of thousands of miles working with the military, working as an engineer for the moment.  Because of this, I've gotten to go all over the place, stopping at islands across the Caribbean.
On top of this, I've recently grown a major obsession with the entire idea of tattoos.  I got my first two not that long ago (my two swallows, earned after sailing for 10,000 miles) and I'm dying to figure out my next ones.  Inksmith and Rogers in Jacksonville, Florida--I love them. They did great work, tatted me and 4 of my friends that day and they all turned out spectacularly.
Also, steampunk is the coolest thing ever.
Anyway, time to kill this post and do another one with an actual meaning to it.  In the meantime, welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy your time here!